Bowflex 410 Power Rod Upgrade Review

The 410lbs power rod, just like the 310lbs rod is an excellent upgrade to your home gym. The 410lbs upgrade works with the following home gyms: Blaze, Xtreme SE, Xtreme 2SE, Xceed, Sport, Elite, Ultimate, and Ultimate 2. Caution that you will need the 310lbs upgrade first before this.

The Power Rod upgrade comes with two 50lbs rods, and they're easy to install. Some might think that they might have to switch to free weights to continue to get stronger on some exercises, but this is an easy fix for that. These are great at allowing more growth for more prominent muscle groups like legs and back.

What I like About the Bowflex 410lbs Power Rod Upgrade

It is compatible with most machines
- Easy to install
- Don’t have to buy a new machine for more weight

What I Don’t like about the Bowflex 410lbs Power Rod Upgrade

- Some machines aren't compilable
- You need the 310lbs upgrade first


The warranty is 30 days for the power rods.

Final Conclusion for the Bowflex  410lbs Power Rod Upgrade

My Conclusion is that if you have maxed out your stock weight AND the 310lbs, then it is clear you are very serious about fitness and continuing to get stronger every single workout and grabbing this upgrade will only help you achieve that. It is a no-brainer for continuing your fitness journey in your own home!

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