Bowflex Selecttech Dumbbell Stand Review

Just how dumbbells are very important to any gym or home gym, the stand that you put those dumbbells on is also significant. There is a reason that every public gym has racks for their dumbbells and there is no reason why you shouldn’t have one too.

The SelectTech Dumbbell stand is perfect if you own a pair of Bowflex Selecttech Dumbbells because of a few reasons. First, you don’t have to pick up them from the ground. Picking up heavy dumbbells from the ground could potentially lead to a back injury, and this stand can save you from that. It also has a towel rack to wipe your hands and face in between sets. Also the media rack makes it to hold your phone or tablet when working out.

Dimensions and Space you will Save!

Second is that this stand paired up with the dumbbells is as organized as you can get! Normally you would have 15-17 sets of dumbbells if you wanted a nice range of weight, which would require a decent size rack but with either the 552 or the 1090 dumbbells and this stand, you can reduce that all into 2 dumbbells and one stand….talk about saving space!.... Not to mention you will never lose these if you always put them back on the stand (and its only 2 dumbbells), which could be a problem if you had a lot of dumbbells to keep track of. The dimensions for this stand are 20.00 x 26.00 x 23.00 Inches (L x W x H).


The warranty is 30 days.

Final Conclusion for the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbell Stand

My conclusion is that if you have purchased either the 552 or the 1090 Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells, then this is a must for all the reasons listed above. It will help organize the room and decrease your chance of injuring your back. This product is excellent for both beginners, experienced lifters, and is an excellent addition to your home gym.

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