Fit Grips 2.0 Review

A cool accessory to have around your home gym is the Fit Grips 2.0. They may not be an absolute necessity to someone who is just looking to lose a little bit of weight but for someone looking to increase their hand and forearm muscle for lifting or sports, they can be quite useful!

The wider grip will increase the activation in your hands and arms for faster and more direct results. You can always increase your hands and forearm strength by just going through a workout with a normal bar but why not add some extra activation while doing so.  The Fit Grips 2.0 have a 2-inch outside diameter, inside diameter of 1 inch and are 4 5/8 inches long.  They are made of a high-density military grade silicone so you don’t have to worry about them falling apart if you use them a lot! This is great because you can use them for all your important lifts to really get faster results!

The Fit Grips 2.0 can benefit you in more way then just the weight room. If you play football, baseball or even mma, these can be key for improving your overall grip strength. They can improve your skills and abilities to give you the edge when you need it most!

Final Conclusion of the Fit Grips 2.0

My conclusion for the Fit Grips 2.0 is that because they can improve your results in the weight room and out on the field for ring, they can be a important piece to your gym bag! The high-density military grade silicone for longevity adds to their value.

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