Harbinger Strap Belt Review

The Harbinger strap belt is another great workout belt to have in your arsenal. This belt provides you with 5 inches of firm foam and a 3-inch strap support for you lower back and core for those heavy lifts. To loosen or tighten the belt, you use the heavy gauge steel buckle, which is easy to use. The Harbinger belt is also cheaper then the RDX Powerlifting Belt that we also reviewed, in case you are looking for something a bit cheaper that does a great job!

The foam is flexible, ultra light and thick to provide maximum support and comfort while also keeping your muscles warm which is important while lifting heavy. The interior lining is made of a plush tricot that is a very comfortable yet durable knit.  The exterior is made from a flame laminating abrasive resistant fabric to the foam core, which makes it durable and prevents fraying pilling.

Lastly the Harbinger Belt is available in 4 sizes: Small (24-29 Inches), Medium (29-33 Inches), Large (33-37 Inches), X-Large (37-42 Inches). You should be able to find the right to make sure this belt can do its job without slipping.

Final Conclusion for the Harbiner Strap

The Harbinger Strap Belt is a great ultra light belt that is durable and offers great support with the 5 inches of firm foam and a 3-inch strap support. Considering it is a bit of a cheaper belt, it could be great for someone who has never had one before and doesn’t want to break the bank but still wants to safely get stronger on their key lifts.

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