Marcy Club Revolution Cycle Trainer XJ-3220 Review

The XJ-3220 Marcy Club Revolution Cycle Trainer is chain-driven bike that includes 40lbs flywheel, adjustable handlebars, Road style saddle that can be adjusted, and the very important water bottle holder to make sure you stay hydrated! The handlebars adjust vertically and the saddle adjust vertically and horizontally to make sure you are as ergonomic as possible! This bike is great for beginners as it is one of the cheaper Club revolution bikes and comes with everything you need.

The XJ-3220 model is made with durable steel and is able to resist rust and corrosion. It is able to do this by its powder-coat finish and strong wielding points! It can also hold up to 300lbs so it is very safe to use. In the case where you need to stop the bike wheels momentum, there is also a mechanism for “quick-stops”.

What I like about Club Revolution Cycle Trainer XJ-3220

- Completely adjustable ( Knobs for levelling out, Handle bars, Pedals, and Seat )
- Wheels for easy transportation
- Little assembly required
- Low Noise
- No shaking or wobbling while riding

What I Don’t Like about the Club Revolution Cycle Trainer XJ-3220

- Seat could be me more comfortable (you can always change it out)
- No workout or videos to go along with
- Nothing to hold your phone

Measurements for Club Revolution Cycle Trainer XJ-3220

The dimensions are 40”x 20.25”x 43” (LxWxH). Seat to peddle distance can range from 27”-33”.


There is a manufacture warranty that is 2 years on the frame and 2 years on the parts.

Final Conclusion for the Club Revolution Cycle Trainer XJ-3220

My conclusion on the Marcy XJ-3220 cycle trainer is that it’s a great bike for beginners. This is because is has a bunch of adjustable parts so you can figure out what is best for you! The bike is also very sturdy and strong which means this might be the only bike you’ll ever need to buy…all of that for a cheaper price then other bikes! I would say this bike is a great first bike to buy and it great for getting a great home workout!

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